• Prudence
  • Enhancing personal values


  • Generosity
  • Leaving a legacy


  • Indulgence
  • Living the dream

Experience Seeker

  • Wisdom
  • Exploring new ideas


  • Innovation
  • Imagining the next big thing

As a boutique private bank, Bordier is well poised to provide its clients with more than just financial advice.

Our 170 years of expertise should also act as a trusted source of guidance, inspiration and motivation that caters to the complexities of an individual’s life purpose.

We are interested in investing meaning into our clients’ lives.

Through a refined approach, we have embarked on a mapping strategy that celebrates the confluence of individual aspirations and private banking needs.

This insight is then translated to structure a client’s assets in a systematic way-one that supports his or her individual aspirations and values.

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