Living the dream.

All about the glitz and glam, Consumers are the go-to advisors for all things fashion and pop culture. Characterised by a “live-for-today” consumption style, they know what they want and are not afraid to chase after the life of their dreams.


Access to rare and unique items presents an exclusive opportunity for bragging rights, cementing their acclaim of being in-the-know.

Their keen sense of fashion and self-expression is more than just ornamental tuft; Consumers have an enviable knack for spotting and predicting trends with almost seer-like precision.


Consumers are generally those who push themselves into more professional careers as they strive for financial prestige.

Wealth projects an image of prosperity and serves as a significant symbol of personal achievement. Given the choice, these types prefer to live in gilded existence, guzzling the fruits of their labour at full tilt.

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