Experience Seeker

Exploring news ideas.

Living life to the fullest is a central tenet for Experience Seekers. They enjoy learning and challenging themselves intellectually through any means necessary. Self-expression through art, sports, business or religion provides an avenue for indulging the senses and the mind.


Experience Seekers are keen to discover and explore novel experiences. Anything that tantalises the five senses is an impetus to creating joy and fulfilment.

Avid thrill-seekers, they are always open to immersing themselves in unconventional ideas and activities. These types pride themselves in collecting a huge store of autobiographical memories for personal growth.


More than just hedonists, Experience Seekers also crave for intellectual stimulation and are intuitive epicureans.

They demand a detailed understanding of life itself and are happy to subject their ideas to the crucible of practice. As such, exotic indulgences serve as a crucial backdrop for their personal metamorphoses.

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