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Weekly Wrap Apr 16: Strong bank results, poor price action
Weekly Wrap Apr 9: Raising the stakes
Weekly Wrap Apr 2: Tech Jitters
Weekly Wrap Mar 26: Fed Hikes. Trade War.
Weekly Wrap Mar 19: FOMC and more
Weekly Wrap Mar 12: ECB and BoJ on hold
Weekly Wrap Mar 5: A hawk in the Fed, trade war
The Fed under Jay Powell and USD rates
Monday Weekly Wrap Feb 9: Market volatility
Weekly Wrap Feb 2: Equity and Bond Jitters. What about Credit? FX?
Weekly Wrap Jan 29: Trade, USD, BoJ and ECB hold the line
Weekly Wrap Jan 22: ECB, BoJ meet
Weekly Wrap Jan 15: Inflation beats in US, India and Japan; Whither the yield curve
Weekly Wrap Jan 8: Risk On
Best Wishes for 2018
Weekly Wrap Dec 11: Fed, ECB, BoE, SNB monetary policy meetings
Politics not a significant market mover
Weekly Wrap Dec 4: Rising rates and how to profit from them
Weekly Wrap Nov 27: Jay Powell in the spotlight this week at Senate Banking Committee
Weekly Wrap Nov 20: Trade recommendations enclosed
Weekly Wrap Nov 6: Strong data, no action at BoJ or Fed
Monday Weekly Wrap Oct 30: Robust economic data and great earnings
Monday Weekly Wrap Oct 23: All eyes on Europe
Weekly Wrap Oct 16: Markets grind higher
Weekly Wrap Oct 2: Trump Tax Plan, Chances and Consequences
Weekly Wrap Sep 25: Central Bankers speaking everywhere
Weekly Wrap 18 Sep: Inflation stirring?
Bordier Turks & Caicos Storm Update
Weekly Wrap Sep 11: ECB defers decision to Oct 26. PMI data softer.
Weekly Wrap Sep 4: ECB Meets Sep 7. Fed Governors speak all week.
Weekly Wrap Aug 28: Can the US stock market keep its pace?
Weekly Wrap Aug 21: Draghi to speak at Jackson Hole this week
Weekly Wrap Aug 14: NK-US tension rises
Weekly Wrap Aug 7: A sanguine macro environment
Weekly Wrap Jul 31: Banks are back
Buy the banks?
Weekly Wrap July 24: Data heavy week ahead, FOMC
Weekly Wrap July 17: Banks beat, oil consolidates, metals rise
Weekly Wrap July 10: Banks and bonds
Weekly Wrap Jul 3: At the half year mark
Weekly Wrap Jun 19: Fed hikes and signals more
After a hung parliament, should investors stay away from UK assets?
Weekly Wrap Jun 12: Elections, Central Banks, Technology sector
Bordier & Cie wins at the Singapore Business Review International Business Awards 2017
Weekly Wrap Jun 5: US steady, Europe & Japan encouraging, Asia & Emerging markets remain mixed
Bordier & Cie crowned Best Private Bank- Client Service at the WealthBriefingAsia Awards 2017
Weekly Wrap May 29: Trump Tour, OPEC Meets, Europe Update
Higher oil prices at year-end?
Weekly Wrap May 22: Trump's First Tour
A night of rare whiskies and virtual whisky experience at Bordier & Cie
Weekly Wrap May 15: China PBOC moderating tightening
The $367 Billion Haul That May Boost Tax Amnesty: QuickTake Q&A
Weekly Wrap May 8: Macron wins and the Euro dodges a bullet
How can you Trump-proof your investments?
Redefining relevance in private banking
Weekly Wrap May 2: FOMC and French elections
What will a Trump-Kim meeting look like?
Weekly Wrap Apr 24: French Elections Round 1, ECB, BOJ coming up
Weak Wall Street pulls Asian markets down
Pound jumps to 6-month high on snap British election but Asian stock markets cautious
Weekly Wrap Apr 17: Trump's fiscal woes, France pushes for final votes
Sizing up clients' personalities to tailor their banking portfolios
Weekly Wrap Apr 10: Geopolitical jitters, oil and dollar firm, volatility subdued
Selector picks: why senior loans are gaining traction in Asia
Weekly Wrap Apr 3: India's tax reform, Aramco IPO
Weekly Wrap Mar 27: Trump's healthcare setback, Rising VIX, Eurozone pushing ahead
Weekly Wrap Mar 20: Fed hikes on cue, treasuries rally, dollar drops
Weekly Wrap Mar 13: India, Modi gets a boost. Looking ahead: FOMC Mar 15.
Why this investor is overweight CoCo bonds
Weekly Wrap Mar 3: US intensifies protectionist rhetoric
Weekly Wrap Feb 27: All eyes on the Fed
Weekly Wrap Feb 17: More confusion in French elections
What's behind the rally in industrial commodities?
Weekly Wrap Feb 13: RBI on hold. Euro Existentialism Rises Again.
Top 5 wealth managers in Asia
Weekly Wrap Feb 6: House of Commons Votes on Article 50
Bordier & Cie's Goh: Why I'm Overweight Credit
Weekly Wrap Jan 31: BoJ, BoE and FOMC meetings
Weekly Wrap Jan 20: Whither The Trump Trade?
Weekly Wrap Jan 13: Presidential Inauguration.
Credit to outperform
Weekly Wrap Jan 9: Jan 11, Trump Press Conference Tweeted.
Wealth Bulletin: Financial concerns over political uncertainties in the US, Europe and UK
Asia still offers rich pickings for private banks
Weekly Wrap Dec 19: BoJ rate decision.
Weekly Wrap Dec 13: FOMC. Watch out for the consensus trades.
There's a limit to how far rates can rise
Wealth Bulletin: How will political risks affect your investments?
Weekly Wrap Dec 5: ECB meeting Dec 8.
Weekly Wrap Nov 25: OPEC meeting Wednesday. Italian Referendum Sunday.
The World According To Trump
Find assets that price-in fundamentals: Expert
Asia selector profile: Bordier & Cie's Jimmy Ng
Key strategies and investment themes from a veteran
Deutsche Bank's CoCo bond coupons are at risk: Investor
How this private bank is winning with its small and nimble approach
Markets are tightly coiled: Investor
Rich Indonesians Snap Up Singapore Luxury Homes as Taxman Calls
Singapore-based pvt bank CEO reveals biggest shift in industry
What are the opportunities in EM?
Focusing on what you're good at
Central banks' long term systemic risk: More harm than good?
Europe's banking sector on the brink
Summer of Easing?
Tax amnesty: Will Indonesians bite?
Swiss private banks sharpen Southeast Asia focus
Has the BOJ Lost Credibility?
Bordier & Cie clinches award for Best Boutique Private Bank in Asia
Evrard Bordier, fifth generation successor of the bank, continues family business
Asian Wealth Management Forum 2016
2nd Annual Fund Selector Forum
How and why Bordier deploys funds, AsianInvestor
Bordier, E-Merging & Finews celebrate partnership in Asia
Wealth CIO makes contrarian bet on hedge funds
BOJ must get rid of NIRP fast
Singapore-based CIO makes the case for credit
Evrard Bordier: «We Aim to Be the Best Boutique Private Bank in Asia»
Multi-family offices facing cost challenges
Asia's banks see rich pickings in private wealth assets
Clients cannot hide behind anonymous structures: banks
Why negative interest rates are dangerous
Investing in China in 2016: A viable option or just monkey business?
Central Bank are 'waterboarding' with measures
Is China's Slowdown the Result of a Global Trade War?
See how Bordier & Cie's new office kills the ‘closed door’ view in private banking
Who's to Blame for Current Market Volatility?
5th Annual Retail Banking Asia Pacific (Kuala Lumpur - 29 Jan 2016)
Should we worry about the rollercoaster stock market ?
Asian market outlook 2016
Private institutions that cater to the demand from wealthy clients
Bordier & Cie | 2016 = 2015 ? - Opinion from Michel Juvet
First Word Asia
Will the Paris Attacks Hurt European Stocks?
Bordier Singapore | New office opening party
Opinion from Michel Juvet : Zombie China?
Perspective view from a private banker: the recent launch of the Singapore Diamond Investment Exchange.
The Sunday Times: "Leaving family business in good hands''
Where Is the Smart Money Going?
Jimmy Ng on why it matters how the fund manager is paid
Opinion from Michel Juvet: Chinas' woes, a threat?
The Straits Times: "Bank CEO travels full circle to find true calling''
Should fund managers have skin in the game?
Opinion from Michel Juvet: Enjoy the Summer!
We are relocating
Bordier participates in Fund Selector Forum held April 29
Grexit: a short term victory for Tsipras ?
Investor Insights : Art of Spending
The Sunday Times: How long will the euro go?
A new currency war ? - Opinion from Michel Juvet
Business Times: "'Old Swiss bank keeps up with the turning of the tide''
Jackson Hole : Montebourg prophet? - Opinion from Michel Juvet
German economic slowdown : a new chance for Euro zone - Opinion from Michel Juvet
Shanghai Round Table Meeting on 26 August 2014
More in Singapore venture into art-collecting
How Singapore's private banking sector is dealing with a talent crunch
Half time 2014: where do financial markets stand ? - Opinion from Michel Juvet
Winner 2014 Best Boutique Private Bank – WealthBriefing Asia
2014 European Parliament elections : Mayday! - Opinion from Michel Juvet
Bordier headquarters: Winning Project for ID21 Highly Commended Office Interior Award
Staff from Bordier & Cie distributes bags of groceries to low-income elderly
BCE changes course : fall in euro and increase in mid caps
The Bordier & Cie offering in Asia
Understanding family wealth dynamics in Asia
Free movement of people, goods and capital: a concept globally old-fashioned?
Chinese syndrome - Opinion from Michel Juvet
Building a future-proof wealth offering Singapore
Expect more EM outflows in 2014
Everyone is talking about it: the bitcoin - Opinion from Michel Juvet
More M&A deals expected in Asia's private banking sector
Europe : More Germany, more ECB... or more adjustments? - Opinion from Michel Juvet
Investment possibilities in Vietnam, Evrard Bordier on CNBC Asia
Bordier gives 6,100 PIF bands to UWCSEA
The world turned upside down, new convergences - Opinion from Michel Juvet
Evrard Bordier on CNBC Asia
MB&F's Horological Machines exhibition
When emerging markets... dive
Bordier introduces PIF to Singapore
Halftime in the markets - Opinion from Michel Juvet
Equities, what else ? - Opinion from Michel Juvet
B&Cie our roots your future
Private Viewing of the artist Huang Yao



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