The Pay It Forward movement aims at instilling the momentum of good deeds. Pay It Forward is not a charity. It does not raise funds. Pay It Forward is an initiative. The aim of this initiative is to make the world a better place.

If everyone in the world was waking up today and made one good thing, such as holding the door, holding the lift to let people enter, paying the coffee of the person behind in Starbucks or helping an elderly to carry her groceries, the world would be a better place.

How do we make the world a better place?

You wear a Pay It Forward band on your wrist. Once you have made any good deed asking nothing in return and receiving a “Thank you”, pass on the band to this person and tell him to do the same. This has a rippling effect and your good deed is multiplied.

In other words, you are encouraged to do a good deed, and to pass on that momentum of kindness by presenting your recipient with a wrist band, with the encouragement to do the same.
Receiving a kind gesture is always nice, but the joy from being the giver often transcends beyond the temporal joy of the recipient. And we hope and believe that it only takes a spark to fan the flames of care and concern that already is latent in most of us.
The aim is that you do NOT keep the band. The band acts as a reminder that you should do something good and get rid of it. It can take less than 10 seconds and does not require any money.

We believe that the Pay It Forward (PIF) is a small but important step towards making our community a better place.

Who pays for this?

All costs of the bands are covered by a bank, Bordier & Cie (Singapore) Ltd , so it is their gift to you.

Why does Bordier embark on this Project?

In this modern era, many banks operate their business with commercial objectives. We, at Bordier, and along with a few banks, stand for something beyond making money. We aim to build long lasting relationships and are successful with ethical business strategy. Now, it is time that we pay back to the society. We wish to play an active role to help encourage this basic act of giving.

Charley Johnson is the head of the Global Pay it Forward Movement and President of the Pay it Forward Foundation. To visit the Pay It Forward global website click here.

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